Welcome to California Student Vote—

A directory of cool California-based companies as voted upon by students!

Obviously, for California students, college or trade school isn’t the end goal; it’s a means to an end.  The goal of higher education is ultimately a rewarding career.  We ask students at California colleges, universities, trade schools and apprenticeship programs the following types of questions:

  • At which California company would you most like to land a job after graduation?
  • Which California business do you think is the most-liked, and why?
  • What are the best places to work in California?
  • Which California-based companies offer the highest salaries? The best benefits?
  • If you started a business, which California business would you like it to be patterned after?
  • If you started a business in California, which companies would be your competitors, and how you would you give your business an advantage over them?
  • Which California companies would you like to do business with, and why?

The companies listed here are based on the answers to these types of questions.  They represent the companies in different categories that California students like the best and/or would prefer to work for.


We give students the opportunity to vote for their favorite California companies in the following categories:

  • Technology (e.g., computers)
  • Health/fitness (e.g., health clubs, spas, healthcare, pharmaceutical)
  • Entertainment industry (e.g., film, television, etc.)
  • Music industry (e.g., record labels, recording studios)
  • Fine arts (e.g., museums, performing arts)
  • Products/manufacturing (e.g., factories, retail)
  • Hospitality (e.g. hotels, restaurants)
  • Miscellaneous (companies that don’t fit in the categories above)


One of the key questions to keep in mind when polling students is this: what makes a company good?  What are the students’ perceptions of what makes a company desirable to work for or do business with? Some of these factors may include branding, style, customer opinion, ethics, pay, benefits, the service/product provided, and other things.


Today’s students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, salespeople, inventors, innovators, CEOs, record label executives, producers, performers…the list goes on.  A company with an eye to the future will naturally want to know how they are perceived by these up-and-comers.  Likewise, students looking for a career after graduation want to know what their peers think about certain companies.  This is what makes the information on California Student Vote useful.  This is why California students need to vote. And this is why California companies need to pay heed.

We hope the information on these pages is useful.

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